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Hi, I am Shuya. I am currently a first-year master student in human-computer interaction at Georgia Tech.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor in statistics (information track).

I am currently a UI/Data Visualization Engineer Intern at CCC Information Services.

Former UI design intern at China Mobile, former data visualization intern at Nokia

I have solid visual design skills and data analytics skills. I believe combining data and design will be my unique signature in design.

I like to paint and travel. I get inspiration from traveling. I like to live in a different country for a long time to immerse my self in the local culture which enabled me to think critically and empathetically.




The Zoo Atlanta Virtual adoption app aims to engage users at the zoo as well as out of the zoo to help increase Zoo Atlanta’s Conservation Mission awareness by increasing interest among the college-age and young professional demographic.

Class Project

ZOO ATLANTA Virtual Adoption App
Social Compass

Class Project

Social compass helps introverts get out and go to social events that often feel outside of their comfort zones and provide support to developing the crucial skill that is: Socializing.

The Social Compass design consists of two main components: the compass and the mobile app. 



​Processing: Fishing Game

Fishing game with three levels designed by processing.

​Arduino: Music Player with Sound Visualization

Vintage style music player with sound visualization made by Arduino uno and processing.

Finding a Study Place on Campus

Finding a study space on UC Berkeley campus by user's preference even on peak time.

American's Favorite Sports

Data Visualization with Tableau showing American's all time favorite sports.

Smart Pillow

Wake up smoothly, comfortably, and feeling refreshed.

Statistical Analysis Writing Samples

Undergraduate Course projects on Sampling survey and Time Series Analysis.


I am always willing to connect with fellow designers and recruiters. Feel free to contact me via email, text or social media.

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