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Social Compass

Help Introverts to Socialize

Project type:

Class Project


3 months


4 members


Lead designer & assistant researcher

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How might we help introverts get out and go to social events that often feel outside of their comfort zones and provide support to developing the crucial skill of Socializing?

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In order to explore these differences and identify key issues for introverts in social situations, we conducted five individual interviews, visited a social event to observe people, and developed a survey that garnered 62 responses. Results of these three veins of user research identifies the following characteristics for introverts and act as a guide for us to design an intervention.


Find it hard to initiate topics
Constantly doing other things to avoid akwardness


Language barrier could be a cause of discomfort


Come with friends make things easier



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Journey Map

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After accumulating and analyzing all the data described above, We conducted a design brainstorming session. The team used an individual leading to collective method. First, each member individually meditated on design ideas, quickly writing each down on a sticky note. At the end of the time limit, each team member then shared their ideas with the group and placed the sticky notes onto a whiteboard. Once all the ideas were heard and posted, the team began to sort the ideas into like groups with the intention of finding common themes. At the end of the session, four major themes became clear and these were decided on to be developed into the design alternatives.

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The Social Compass design consists of two main components: the compass and the mobile app. The Compass is a device that guides you through the social process during an event. The mobile app allows users to input their social interaction preferences and intereststo improve their social experience.

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Team Phoenix implemented a discount evaluation comprised of two parts, an expert evaluation with three participants, and a user evaluation also with three participants.

Overall users provided positive feedback that the design would support their social experience(holding conversations, connecting with other attendees) with most of the features; however, Team Phoenix also received some valuable feedback for improvement.

Team Phoenix plan to make the following changes:

• Adding an on-boarding experience for the device  and app

Labeling the screens and buttons so they communicate the functionality better

• Having a dashboard page that shows the account and events

• Making the device attachable

Click to View Iterated App Demo
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