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Role: UI/UX Design for company stakeholder

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    problem space

    We are building a food delivery app, and we want to focus on solving two main problems:

    •How to operate well with four stakeholders: customers, restaurant, drivers and the company.

    •How to differentiate our product with current food delivery app on the market.


    Imagine a scenario like this: It’s dinner time and you’re looking for a new restaurant to try. You open Yelp, but all of the options just don’t look appealing. Overwhelmed by the variety of restaurants and their extensive user reviews, you give up and settle for another microwavable Trader Joe’s dinner. Sometimes, you just wish your friends could tell you where to go eat.

    We rely a lot on friends’ and social media’s recommendation on where to eat. What if we can increase user traction through consumer-to-consumer engagement?



    mY role

    The project was an academic project for Info 213: User Interface  Design Class.

    I worked alongside with three teammates. Each of us was in charge of one of the four stakeholders. I was in charge of the company stakeholders in which I prioritized the marketing function.

    We worked together on the preliminary research, ideation and feature diagram. I built the design system independently.

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    preliminary research

    According to a study from the Hartman Group, a consumer research firm, social media is becoming deeply embedded in our food habits: half of the consumers use sites like Twitter and Facebook to learn about food, while another 40% of consumers say they learn about food via websites, apps, or blogs. 54% of people are sharing food information online.

    We also conducted five in-depth interviews with people. We asked a series of questions like what would you consult to when choosing food, how often do you use a food delivery app, will you share your food on social media, and what factors would impact your choice of food delivery app.

    Interviewee demographics:

    19-year-old college sophomore,

    22-year-old college senior,

    23-year-old product manager at an IT company,

    45-year-old company employee,

    50-year-old self-employed individual

    Insights from interviews:

    Most people consult yelp when choosing food. However, they trust their friends and families more.

    Some people indicate they would prefer a food delivery app that has many promotions.

    Most people use food delivery app at least several times a month.

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    •Horizontal scrolling system to show subsets of category

    •Bring focus to a friend’s recent order to create a real-time personalized feed

    •View Friend’s recent order and company’s recommendation on the index page.

    •Share an order with friends on the app or opt to return to home feed

    •Inform users that sharing is successful, then users can opt to expand to the profile page or return to home feed

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    Major changes :

    •Shift to desktop version, phone app as a supplement for remote work

    •Prioritize on the posting experience

    •Dashboard allows customization

    •Eliminate chat function, but have a button that take users to external app

    •Add more instructions to help first-time users

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