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Hi, I am a passionate UX designer with a Statistics background. I have solid visual design skills and data analytics skills. I believe combining data and design will be my unique signature in design.


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Find The Perfect Study Space on Campus

Individual Project

Finding a study space on UC Berkeley campus often overwhelmed students during peak time. However, there are some hidden study spaces on campus that are rarely known by students. In this project, I want to help students find their best study spaces by their preferences.

Academic Project

Role: UI Design/Product Design


Something that we have been doing since the day we were born, is wake up. Upon waking up, we carry along with the rest of our days and life. As we gain more responsibilities or commitments to stay up late and to wake up early. Thus the goal is to find out a way which will help us to wake up smoothly, comfortably, and feeling refreshed.



Food Delivery App


Group Project

Role: UI Designer for Company Stakeholder

The food delivery app is designed for four stakeholders: customers, restaurant, drivers and the company.

The app brings social media effect to the food delivery market and enhances customer-customer engagement.

Globalization concept

Facebook Social Feature

Individual project

Social Catalyst feature on Facebook to serve as a medium of matchmaking and an accelerator of socializing.

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Tel: 407-399-4680

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